5 Shows to Watch on Netflix for Family Time

If you are anything like me you have a busy schedule day in and day out. Between working full-time, family and running a business you don’t have very much time let during the week or weekend for that matter to just sit back, relax and enjoy doing something fun. But every once in a while a slot of time may open up and you have the freedom to do nothing and something fun at the same time.

For me when that time rolls around I like to spend it with my hubby and the girls binge watching Netflix. It’s how we bond. Even through watching the shows hubby likes to talk (I’ve gotten used to multitasking during the show, hear him ask question and watch what’s happening next on the screen), my oldest daughter has this teenage laughing fever where everything is funny, and the youngest thinks everybody and everything is “doing to much” while she makes continuous noise. But I wouldn’t trade a single moment of it for anything else.

This is one of the many moments I want etched into memory when I’m old and gray and have a chance to reflect back on life. There is a quote that reigns true to my heart, but for the right reasons:

So twenty years from now I don’t want to look back in disappointment because I skipped the fun moments of Netflix family time with those that mean the most to me.

Here are the five Netflix shows to binge watch with family:

  1. Supernatural – I’ve always been a sci-fi fanatic and I think I passes that gene down to all three of my children. And although we are a bit late to this show’s party, there are twelve season with a range of 16 – 22 episodes per season, not one episode has been a disappointment yet. Each one is packed with monsters, paranormal activity and action. If you are afraid of monsters though, this show may not be for you or children of a very young age.
  2. The 100 – The earth is abandoned and the entire human population is living in space. One hundred teens are sent back to earth on a rocket ship voluntarily to see if the world is now inhabitable and the adults wait in space to see if the kids survive. We almost didn’t watch it after the first episode and then something drew us back in and we were hooked for all four seasons.
  3. Blacklist – From the moment this show started it had us on the edge of our seats asking what’s gong to happen. The suspense of what Reddington will do next in each episode was gut wrenching. This is one I made extra time for every night before bed to catch at least one episode. It was just calling our names!
  4. Hap and Leonard – This one hubby and I watched without the girls. It’s a bit more comedy but also more for adults than children. This pair of friends are the new version of the odd couple. Their mishaps and dealings land them in way to much trouble but what an adventure these two take.
  5. Ozark – This is the latest show that hubby and I have been watching together also without the girls. I started off watching it and my husband said no but since I was watching it in the bedroom one night when he came in, he happened to get a glimpse of episode two and he started asking questions. Now he’s giving me a scheduled time to be ready to watch an episode or two at night. Sometimes I just throw out the bait by turning on a show and hook him when he sits down net to me. 😉

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