Black White and Garden Park


I think I’m in love with cotton. I know, your thinking what is she talking about. Let me explain…

I find it to be some of the softest and most comfortable material ever. When I pull that dress over my head and it’s a bit heavier in consistency so the weight of it lets me know that it won’t easily blow up in the wind (Lord knows its been windy 🌬️ the last couple weeks) but it will hang and cover my toes, I feel lovely. It wraps around the tinny tiny curves that I have (I’m good with my little curves 😉) and lets me know I’m covered and cute. It’s a whole other level of confidence and comfort that I love.

So cotton, here’s to you being yet another love of my life. God first, husband second, kids third and then there is you.

Dress: SheIn // Shoes: Charlotte Russe // Necklace: Old

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