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DIY: How I Made My First Maxi Skirt

I decided to try my hand at making my own maxi skirt. Since I love them so much and can not always find just what I like I had a thought, why not try it yourself. I’m not a sewer and I don’t have a sewing machine but after watching countless YouTube videos on how to make a maxi skirt without sewing, I gave it a go.

The materials I used to make the skirt:

Measuring Tape
Straight Pins
1 1/2 Yards of Elastic Band
1 Button
2 Yards of material – measured for my waist size and height
Fusible Bonding Web for Heavy Fabric

Sewing materials

I started by measuring my waist and the length of how I wanted the skirt to fall. I wanted it to drag just a bit so that I could wear it with flats or heels. With that I doubled the width of the material and added about a inch and a half to the measured length for hemming.

Next I cut the elastic band the about 3 inches longer than my waist size for a button closure. Then I pinned the ends of the materials width to each end of the elastic band (minus the extra three inches). I then pinned the midpoint of the material to the middle of the elastic band. Afterwards I continued to pin the material halfway between each pin until I had all of the material gathered and pinned to the elastic band.

pinned skirt preparation

After pinning I used a needle and thread to sew the gathered material that was pinned in place to the elastic band. This was the hardest part because I threaded my needle with a long stand of thread. For future skirt making I will be getting a sewing machine. I bet I can crank them babies out a lot faster if I sew them on a machine rather than by hand. I then sewed the button onto the elastic band in place to make the closure for the skirt and cut a slit into the band to put the button through. I liked the split that was left in the skirt.

I used the fusible boning web to hem the open sides and the bottom of the skirt. It comes with directions on the package and I fooled that. It worked perfectly. Here is the maxi skirt just after I finished hand sewing it.

I used the extra material I cut from the skirt to use as a tie belt to cover the elastic band. So I can wear the skirt with or without the band showing. My husband had an idea later and asked me to make him a matching tie. So that will be one of my next projects. I made this maxi skirt to wear for my birthday, which was just two days ago from the date of this post. I think it turned out wonderful and I’m proud of what I made. Here is the final result. Oh one thing I may include later is a row of maybe 3 or 4 buttons on the side split just in case I want to lower the split without having to sew it closed.

Hair by Outre // Blue Jean Shirt: Old // Maxi Skirt Materials: JoAnn Fabrics

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