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What I Learned on My Fishing Expedition

This post is not about my clothes but about family. My dad and my husband has wanted to take my girls and myself fishing for a while now. So we had a chance to do it over the memorial holiday weekend. Someone told me about this park with the lake where lots of people in our area go and that it was a great place to fish. We’d considered fishing in the river since we live just across the street but hey…

So we tried some place different. It turned out to be the most awesome day. I didn’t catch anything but the fish seemed to eat all of my worms off my hook. My girls did great at casting their lines. Especially for it being their first time. The littlest one cast better than some of the grown men that were out there fishing. It was hilarious to see her fishing line go out farther than theirs. You have to have been there for the full experience. A nine year old fishing line passing someone who has been fishing for over twenty years. Yes I was tickled pink. I learned that day how family grows stronger and closer together by spend quality time together doing different things.

Anyway here are  some of the shots from our trip.

Hat: Walmart $3.44 // Jean: Old form Thrift Store // Shirt:Walmart // Emoji Boots: Walmart

My feet are small so I can still wear kids sizes. My boots are a size 4 in kids.


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