Turning Forty and Embracing It

Lordy, Lordy, look whose turning forty!

The bible says that when Lot’s wife looked back she was turned into a pillar of salt. When she looked back it was because she was leaving a city that had turned to sin and her heart was still there with them. I guess she really didn’t want to leave. I start off with this because I from time to time take a look back at who and what I used to be. But when I do it is not because my heart longs to go back, its because I want to see how far I’ve come. My ex sister-in-law (who is still my sister just to clarify) told me a few months ago that she had a message for me from a friend of hers who knew me back in the day. Her friend say to tell me that she was proud of who and what I had become. Every time I think about that it brings tears to my eyes. Why? Because I am humbly grateful for the transformation that has taken place in me and in my life.

Dorlita Blakely

I’m turning forty and I’m excited about it. Like I literally can’t wait to hit the forty club. Most people, I assume from the saying, would prefer not to grow old. But me, I welcome it. Not because I’m ready to die, be handicap or dependent but because I have changed, matured, and grown wiser and others have taken notice. It has taken a lot of tests, trials and errors to become what I am today. I embrace change, love the unlovable (most of the time, hey I didn’t say I was perfect but I’m striving for it), accept my flaws, pursue my passions, and step out on faith more often than not.

I accept the challenge of going after more than I could ever have dreamed of because I believe that my Father above will give me the desires of my heart according to His good pleasure. After all He owns everything and he’s brought me this far. I have decided that there is more truth than I ever realized to the sayings, “Nothing beats a failure but a try” and “You have not because you ask not.” I have learned to ignore the fear and doubt that so hastily comes when I step out of my comfort zone and try that new business opportunity or accept a new job in my career field, or even marry a second and final time. It is in the moments of feeling like quitting that I gird my loins with the truth and press my way through. Because just around the bend of struggle is joy, freedom, peace, rest and success.

Success should be measured on your scale of happiness and complete peace with any given task or journey. Not in measurements of money, bank accounts, and power. Don’t get me wrong we all would like to have monetary wealth, but for me and what I have experienced, true wealth is not just money and it’s not always in a lump sum. It can be in increments that flow consistently so that you are never in true lack or need. It does not always come when I want it to but it is always just on time (even when I sweat a little about it, I know it comes when its the best time). It’s made of joy, peace, humility, love, faith, mercy, trust and gratefulness. With those things I truly believe that everything else will fall in line.

Dorlita Blakely

So if no one else says it I’m saying it to myself, WELCOME TO THE 40’s CLUB!! May I gain even more wisdom and truth, love more, cherish a little harder, step out on faith a little farther, succeed beyond my wildest dreams! Give more, share more, take more business chances, smile harder, glow brighter, live happier, and spread more joy! With each the tests and trials will come but sister STAND STRONGER!! You are a tree planted by the riverside, the wind may blow, the waves will beat upon you, and the sun will shine a little hotter. Dig you roots deeper with each passing day and you will not break!!!! You will strive and you will survive!!

Whoo!! I feel a praise break coming on!

Much love from me to you! Now lets celebrate!

Dorlita B.

Dorlita Blakely

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